The Electroshock Quotationary

The Electroshock Quotationary® Leonard Roy Frank, Editor Publication date: June 2006 Copyright © 2006 by Leonard Roy Frank. All Rights Reserved. Dedicated to everyone committed to ending the use of electroshock everywhere and forever The […]

Bipolar Disorder

Finding a Mental Health Professional

A Personal Guide We’ve been there. We can help. If you or someone you know is experiencing mood swings, persistent sadness or anxiety, or having trouble sleeping or eating, you might have decided it’s time to […]

Bipolar Disorder

ECT Overview

Electroshock can also be fatal. Estimates of ECT-related death rates vary widely. Professional journals are disinclined to publish reports or studies of ECT-related deaths. Not since 1957 has any journal published a large-scale study of ECT-related deaths (see in the text Impastato’s first entry in 1957). […]